About us

In early 2014, my friend and I, like most working families, were working in the corporate world and were eager to find a way to spend more time with each other and help pay off our student loans.

With zero capital, we turned this passionate project into a full-fledged website and business in 2017. Without money or guarantees of the future, we took risks and set ambitious goals.

I focused on using my sales and social media knowledge to expand our outreach, while my friend brought his business strategy and financial expertise to build our operations. We found ourselves shipping hundreds of orders a week from our living room with a few newly recruited family members!

Today, we are one of the fastest growing online retailers in Europe, offering customers an ever-changing range of products. We grew up fast, but it didn't change who we were. We are still a family business.
From day one, we have focused on bringing fashion, positivity and community to our clients. Our vision is to be a brand that inspires our customers to be at their best. Their daily involvement and input shapes our curation, while inspiring us to always be better partners in how we support our communities.
We know we would be nowhere without our customers, so we always strive to lead by example and ensure that the way we communicate with our customers reflects the value of our products. To do this, we not only handle order queries carefully, but also ensure that our products and communications are responsible, inclusive and celebrate diversity.